Supporting voluntary organisations and charities in the local community

Building partnerships with local voluntary organisations and charities enables us to invest something back into the community.

Care and Support

Community Resilience

We’re proud to work alongside organisations that are helping people in the community to build resilience and lead more fulfilled lives.

Sustainable Rents

Reinvesting Profits

We are committed to reinvesting some of our profits into charities that support the local community. We focus our investments on innovative projects which support local demand and need.

How we're Different

Long-term Commitment

We seek to work with our chosen charity partners offering a long-term commitment which ensures our investment achieves a sustainable outcome.

Supporting a Local Food Bank

In December 2018, we came to the aid of one food bank that was struggling to meet demand and keep up with warehousing costs. We repurposed and refurbished an out-of-use warehouse and created a clean, modern environment to store donated food safely. We also provided a local office hub so customers could easily access the service.

Our support has allowed the food bank to remain financially viable and meet demand for as long as necessary, as well as expanding its offering and reach.

Food stacked in trays at the Colchester food bank

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