We meet local authority social housing demand

In a landscape of reduced budgets, increased demand and rising costs; we help commissioners to deliver care and support services for the most vulnerable in their communities. We do this by providing well maintained lifetime homes.

Improved solutions requires input from a commissioner and care provider with the support of the local authority. We facilitate working together with partners who share the same values – focused on improving the lives of the most vulnerable people in our society. By working collaboratively, we can bring about this change and make a difference.

Our experience enables us to understand the challenges that the sector faces. Through contracts with vetted social landlords, we ensure each home is well-maintained; giving tenants a great home they can thrive in.

Property Development


We develop new and creative ideas that tackle the housing shortage: modular housing, steel frame construction and innovative building designs that reduce cost and speed up delivery with a 21st-century approach.

Sustainable Rents


We aim to keep rents low and through good building design, properties are easily maintained. More people are able to sustain tenancies in a high-quality home.

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