Social Housing Development that is Demand-Led

Our social housing development projects create high-quality, affordable accommodation designed around client group needs. We aim to build homes for life where individuals can feel secure and better prepared to manage the ups and downs of life, even as their needs change over time or as mobility decreases.

Creative solutions are key to meeting local authority demand – quickly. We use faster construction methods, repurposing of old stock and refurbishments. Before we build a property, we gain an understanding of local authority plan needs and local care provision requirements.

Finding Properties

Finding Properties

We draw on our specialist knowledge and connections to find and invest in properties in the right locations. A fundamental first step in achieving the right solution.

Property Development

Adapting properties

We refurbish and adapt properties to address individual challenges and empower people with everything they need to live safely, healthily and happily.

New Developments

New developments

We plan, design and build accessible affordable housing. Every decision is driven by the needs of commissioners, providers and landlords for independent living in the community.

Quality social housing development delivered on time.

With effective collaboration and efficient construction, we build bespoke, energy efficient houses faster and more cost-effectively.

Cardea Homes - Changing the face of social housing

Affordable social housing development

Our business model is built on long term sustainability. We aim to keep rents as low as possible, which is good for tenants, good for the welfare state and local authority budgets. This ensures more people get the homes and support they need and quality of life that they desire.

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Working together for social housing development

We bring together the various stakeholders that are needed to improve social housing. Working with local authorities to understand needs and through our network of vetted trusted partners; we can find the right care and support providers to deliver services. We can find the right housing associations to maintain, repair and manage tenancies long-term. In addition, we find the right funding partners – for sustainable social housing solutions. Discover more about how we work together with trusted partners.

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