Changing the Face of Social Housing

As the sector faces increased demand for services, a shortage of suitable accommodation and increased budget pressures; we want to be a catalyst of change with our new approach. Our aim is to bring people together to find local sustainable solutions.

Everything we do starts with honest, open conversations and careful listening. We listen to and gain an understanding of what local authorities need to deliver to meet their duty of care, the challenges faced by care & support workers and what individuals – and their families – need to live happily and healthily in the community. Homes in the right locations mean easy access to schools, shops and healthcare practices; helping your clients achieve outcomes and move on in life, safely.

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Cardea Investment Model

We have a new investment model designed to combat our perceived failures in the market today. We work collaboratively with commissioners, care providers and housing associations to fully understand and meet the needs of vulnerable individuals within local communities.

The Cardea investment model is demand-led to meet specific local authorities’ social housing needs. For each scheme, we aim to put in place long-term Nomination Agreements. These agreements ensure that the local authorities cover the rent of empty properties, reducing investor risk and providing sustainability for the care provider and housing association involved.

At Cardea, our skill is in finding the right property solutions, in the right locations and working with commissioners, housing benefit officers, care providers and housing associations to understand what is needed to support an individual’s care and social needs.

Our work with partners is key to changing the face of social housing. To make certain that this remains consistent, our model ensures that each and every care provider and housing association is rigorously vetted, proving that they have a solid background in providing care and support and share our common goal – helping the most vulnerable people in society.

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