Cardea is a Social Housing Developer

Cardea is a social housing developer and investor. Our mission is to change the face of the social housing industry.

Cardea was founded by 6 like-minded people with the drive to deliver affordable social housing, with high quality care and support services. Customer-led at every stage, we listen to commissioner requirements and community voices to ensure housing developments meet the local plan.

Our breadth of experience from across the sector has shown us what needs to change – and gives us the expertise we need to make this change happen. Everything we do starts with a conversation. By understanding the requirements of commissioners, customers, providers and landlords, we create demand-driven solutions with real impact.

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Our Vision of Affordable Social Housing

Achieving outcomes and improving lives

Our vision is encapsulated in our name. Cardea is the Roman goddess of doorways and hearths. Beyond the links to our home of Colchester and Manchester, our name reflects our desire to open new doors into new homes, for more people.

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Get in touch. Let’s work together and make a difference!

Start the conversation

Get in touch. Let’s work together and make a difference! Please use the form to tell us a bit about you.